Feel That Twinge in Your Belly?

Join one student's calling to form a "fasting group" focused on the Summer of Mercy 2.0 and bringing social justice to our community...and the whole world!


"I’ve never had a passion for social justice. I still can’t really say that I have a passion for it, but through Isaiah 58, God has done a work on my heart to show me why I should care about and be involved in bringing about social justice in my community, and even around the world. I spent most of the spring semester studying Isaiah 58, which led me to this question: "Why is fasting seldom utilized in the American church today?"

Every instance in which fasting is implemented in the Bible (Acts 13, Matthew 3, 6 and 9, Ezra 8, Luke 2), the LORD has done incredible things. Our hunger to see God’s power at work is what drives us to fast, to take time out of our day to pray instead of eat, to seek the Lord and His heart.

I am seeking a group of people to join me in a focused fast for the end of abortion in Montgomery County and all of the US, and more specifically for the Summer of Mercy 2.0’s part in that. I am calling for 4 separate 24-hour fasts – the two Wednesdays before the Summer of Mercy starts (July 20 and 27) and for the first and last day of the Summer of Mercy (July 30 and August 7). Please prayerfully consider joining our team and being a part of God’s work here in saving the lives of the unborn. I know that God will do a great work in us and through us as we seek His will and welcome His power here."


Contact Carina Osborn at cgosborn@verizon.net NOW to join the Fasting Group, and pray for the Summer of Mercy 2.0 and the End of Abortion in America - FOREVER!!



Join the Fasting Group.