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And just this past Monday, July 25th, the Washington Post printed a front-page article which painted Leroy Carhart in the most positive light. This article propagated several LIES directly from the mouth of Leroy Carhart - but we have the TRUTH!

Here from our SPECIAL GUEST who joined us and EXPOSED the lies told by Carhart and propagated by the Washington Post 40 paragraph front-page article. Find out all the details about what could be a HISTORY - CHANGING event next week called "The Summer of Mercy 2.0", and find out how YOU can make an ongoing impact in this UNIFIED effort.

You will hear from:

*Troy Newman* - Operation Rescue

*Rev Patrick Mahoney* - Christian Defense Coalition

*David Bereit* - 40 Days for Life

*Joe Scheidler* - Pro-Life Action League

*Pastor Charlie Baile* - Shady Grove Presbyterian Church

*Christa Lopiccolo* - Respect Life - Archdiocese of Washington DC

*Linda Brenegan* - Respect Life - Archdiocese of Baltimore, MD

*Dr Grace Morison* - Coordinator of Monday Morning Vigils at Carhart's

*Michael Martelli* - Maryland Coalition for Life

***Special SURPRISE GUEST*** - who EXPOSED the LIES by Carhart and the Washington Post.


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Webcast Guests

Troy Newman
Troy Newman
Operation Rescue

Rev Patrick Mahoney
Rev Patrick Mahoney
Christian Defense Coalition

David Bereit
David Bereit
40 Days for Life

Joe Scheidler
Joe Scheidler
Pro-Life Action League